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Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava

  • 21.00–22.00

Dance workshop / Swing Ostrava

Capacity: 10 couples

  • 19.00–19.30


Performance by Vlastislav Matoušek.

Capacity: 20 people

National Museum of Agriculture,  contributory organization, branch Ostrava

  • 18.30, 19.30, 20.30, 21.30 and 22.30

Guided Tours

Buildings of the National Museum of Agriculture in Ostrava have been awaiting their reconstruction for now. Guided tours will present guests with history of the two factory halls, in which Ostrava branch of the National Museum of Agriculture is currently being born. Both halls that are going through reconstruction used be a part of copper works, in which not only extraction of copper was performed but later on also making of other metals. Several interactive expositions will be established in the halls after the reconstruction. The guests will have opportunity to see agricultural machines, various food industry technologies and expo of Czech foods. Come and take a look into places in Dolní oblast Vítkovice that are closed to public for now. Take part in creation of a new museum!

Capacity: 30 people

TyfloCentrum Ostrava

  •  19.00–24.00

This year we’ll show you how the visually impaired people “see”. We’ve prepared for you glasses with visual handicaps, we’ll present to you how to guide a blind a person and you can try walking with a white stick and shooting from a sound gun.

Tours start hourly. The last tour starts at 23.00.


Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26

Encaustic painting also known as hot wax painting is a technique from ancient Greece. This method is gaining on popularity for its simplicity. Even absolute beginners can create stunning landscape and abstract motives. Every participant will get their own image on a hardboard desk and other works on glossy paper.

  • 20.00–21.00

Workshop of encaustic painting

Capacity: 6 people

  • 21.00–22.00

Workshop of encaustic painting

Capacity: 6 people

The Museum of Ostrava

  • 18.00–19.30

How to fix historical publications

A bookbinder’s workshop with a lecture by Jarmila Sivá

Capacity: 20 people


Minikino Café

  • 15.00–16.45

2017, 105 minut / režie: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina

Booking obligatory at

  • 17.00–18.20 a 19.00–20.20

Planeta Česko
2017, 81 minut / režie: Marián Polák

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